Parent Resources

Parent Resources

Below is multiple resources of quality advice for todays Christian families. Every resource below comes highly recommended with an incredible amount of material to go through. Our goal is for all our families to grow together during the years of adolescence, and these resources can be of great help for accomplishing that goal. 

Right Now Media

Right Now Media is a service paid for by Harrisburg Baptist Church and is available to those who have shared their email with Harrisburg. 

​Fuller Youth Institute

Fuller Youth Institute is leading the nation in research on faith development in adolescents. They have several fantastic books and blogs. 

Tim Elmore

Tim Elmore is a compelling voice in the world of adolescents. He follows the macro and speaks into lives with wisdom and discernment.


The Center for Parent/Youth Understanding provides lots of resources for parents. 

Reach Out

Barry St. Clair has an incredible heart for students. He brings attention to the Jesus focused life. He is also good friends with SueMc (is there a stronger recommendation?)