Pastor Rob Armstrong and Family. from Harrisburg Baptist Church on Vimeo.

Harrisburg Baptist Church, Tupelo, MS is pleased to announce
the arrival of their new pastor, Rob Armstrong.
Pastor Rob will begin pastoral leadership on Sunday, August 27, 2017.
  I was saved at Vacation Bible School when I was 7 years old. Through the leadership of my family and church, I continued to grow in my faith and my understanding of God’s call. During high school, God called me to pastoral ministry. Upon completing high school in 1996, I attended Mississippi College to pursue this call to ministry.
  While at MC God gave me a deep desire to see students live fully devoted lives to Jesus Christ. To confirm that call, He opened the door for me to serve on staff as Minister to Students at First Baptist Church, Crystal Springs, MS. I loved every day of student ministry. I had the privilege to serve as a youth pastor for 14 years in 4 different churches. In 2012, God shifted my calling and opened the door for me to serve as the Senior Pastor of New Union  Baptist Church in Dayton, TN.
  Jill and I were married on December 15, 2001. We were both born in Jackson, MS. (Rob 10/11/77, Jill 1/7/80) We have three daughters - Hannah (9), Eden (4), and Sarah (1). God has blessed us beyond measure in our marriage, family, and ministry.  We are in no way perfect and His grace is the theme of our story. It is our desire to share the love, grace, mercy, and compassion of Christ together as a family through our relationships, by example, and in our home.
  My priorities in life are Jesus, my family and the church. I believe that my walk with Christ comes first, and that my qualifications for pastoring are evidenced in my commitment to my family. My family is committed to the work that God calls me, and we willingly sacrifice for the  sake of the Gospel and the glory of God.
  I have a deep love for God’s Word and the church. God has blessed me with a calling that fits my desires. I enjoy preaching and teaching Scripture and I find fulfillment in the successes of others who serve alongside me in ministry. Jesus is the head of His church and the pastors of the church are His under-shepherds. The church is His body and must be led in accordance with His will, His word, and by the power of the Holy Spirit.
  The word of God is central to the body of Christ, the church. The whole Bible is the gospel, the good news concerning Jesus Christ. The message and mission of the Bible shape the life, faith, and community of the church. The church is called to love God completely and love others sacrificially (Matthew 22:36- 40),  equip believers to carry out the mission of God (Ephesians 4:11-16), make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:16-20), and send out  missionaries to share the gospel and plant churches all over the world (Acts 1:8).
  I am intentionally a Southern Baptist. I was saved  and raised in Southern Baptist churches and I am committed to the unique partnership and the long history of faithfulness to the  Word  for which the Southern Baptist Convention is known. I support and affirm the Baptist Faith & Message (2000).