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Sanctity of Human Life

On Sanctity of Human Life Sunday, we remember the value of every human life, and also the tragic Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton decisions in 1973 that stripped the legal protection and lives of more than 58 million children.

44 years. 58 million lives. This Sanctity of Human Life Sunday, commit yourself to doing something about the unimagineable loss of life in the womb. Every human life has value.

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Advent Conspiracy

Christmas can still change the world and you can be part of it. By celebrating Christmas differently, you'll join brothers and sisters around the world in finding our way back to the real reason for the season.

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The Forgiving, Statisfying, Joy-Giving, Life-Renewing Love of God

Standalone Sermons 2017

Standalone Sermons 2017 preached at Harrisburg Baptist Church