5 Ideas to help you celebrate Christ in your home this Christmas

 |  Rev. Rob Armstrong  |  Christmas

Use an Advent devotional

You can click here to access our blog post and link to a recommended devotion by John Piper.  Advent Devotional

Listen to Christ-centered music

There are many great Christmas albums to pick from. Here is a link to one you may not be familiar with that is great!  Prepare Him Room

Serve others

Call a nursing home, assisted living facility, local detention center, salvation army, soup kitchen, etc. Ask if there is anything that your family can do to serve those they are caring for? Consider the impact that we can make as Christians when we go into our community and serve others.

  • Pray for your family, church members, and friends.
  • Pray regularly with and for your family.
  • Pray regularly for your church.

Take the Christmas cards you receive this year and begin praying daily for one family. Keep the cards and rotate through them until next Christmas as a way to pray for others.

Invite one or more families over to eat and fellowship.
At dinner take a moment and share your testimony, read the scripture from your advent devotion, and ask how you can pray for your guests. Then, move on to dessert and see where God takes the conversations.