In response to Sutherland Springs, TX.

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Greetings Harrisburg Church Family,

     Since the evil incident at FBC Sutherland Springs, TX, we have received a steady stream of conversations, phone calls, and emails concerned for our safety in the event something tragic was to come to our doorstep. I wanted to update you on what we are doing to make sure that we provide a secure environment for our worship services and gatherings on the church campus. Our plan is two-fold:
     Before this decision our staff and personnel committee felt the need to be proactive, therefore the 2018 Budget includes a new paid position to oversee the security of our campus throughout the week. This position is a much needed and I believe it will move us in a direction that enables our ministries to flourish while we provide a secure and safe environment for all who come. I anticipate that this person will bring various recommendations in the first year to help us see what we can change and improve upon.
     Presently, we are meeting and making plans to increase and tighten our security this week.  There are multiple options on the table today as we discuss, but know this: We are committed to caring for you in all ways, including the security of our facility. I would anticipate finding a few more doors locked than you are used to. I also anticipate more people working as greeters at each of our doors. I would anticipate an increased or new presence in our parking lots. I would also tell you that many of our changes will not be visible as we hope to not need to use them, but know that there will be men who are here, watching, and ready if needed. As we make concrete decisions we will pass those on to you.

By His Grace,
Pastor Rob