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Doing Righteousness

 |  Rev. Rob Armstrong  |  Sermon Recaps
We do “righteousness” toward others. Here are some links to articles and organizations where you can discover ways to do “justice” in the lives of others. The links below are for you to learn, grow, support, and even join in various movements of God for the good of our neighbors.

Simple Pleasures

 |  Angela Mitchell  |  Devotional, Family
A mom of one of our preschoolers told me a couple of weeks ago how her son had told her how much he enjoyed her helping him with his Legos. It can be the simplest things that mean the most.

Church to The Dogs

 |  Dr. David Parks  |  God's Word, The Bible
G. K. Chesterton once reflected that “At least five times, therefore, with the Arian and the Albigensian, with the Humanist skeptic, after Voltaire and after Darwin, the Faith has to all appearance gone to the dogs.