Philosophy of Childhood Ministry

Philosophy of Childhood Ministry

Harrisburg’s Preschool Ministry agrees with and shares the philosophy of LifeWay Christian Resources:

Childhood ministry should provide Bible learning opportunities that will engage preschoolers and children in interactive learning and will teach them in the ways that God has gifted them to learn by:

  • Providing age-suitable, Bible based, child centered curriculum for preschoolers and children
  • Providing learning experiences that are Bible-based, experiential, hands-on, enjoyable, and challenging
  • Providing a variety of activities that give children the opportunity to choose
  • Basing each child’s educational experiences on his or her individual growth and development.
  • Providing for the needs of children with special needs
  • Providing training for leaders that encourages excellent teaching of preschoolers and children.

This means keeping in the forefront:
  • Each child’s uniqueness
  • The basic needs of preschoolers and children (love, trust, acceptance, independence, freedom, security, guidance, a sense of accomplishment)
  • Basic characteristics of preschoolers and children (curious, creative, self-focused, sensitive, limited attention span, literal-minded, explores limits)
  • Age-suitable activities
  • The eight learning approaches (verbal, logical, visual, physical, musical, reflective, relational, and natural)
  • Ways preschoolers and children learn

(Used by permission.)