Mission Experiences

Mission Experiences

Different dates,

different financial requirements,

different ministries =

lots of opportunities!

We all set goals. Some goals aren't worth much while others change the way we see the world. Our goal for each teen is for them to go on at least 2 mission trips before they graduate, one national and one international. The student team places high value on making mission experiences accessible to all our students. We know this means making the most of every dollar and planning around tough schedules.

So here is our formula: each student ministry sponsored mission experience has an age minimum based on grade completed. The mission experiences are intentionally designed to provide just the right amount of challenge; physically, emotionally, and spiritually, for those that meet the age minimum. Extra responsibilities are added based on a students maturity level regardless of the mission experience you choose

Local Opportunities

Harrisburg provides lots of opportunities to minster through local organizations. One of the unique opportunities which highlights local ministry is 72 Hours of Service. This special weekend brings us together to serve. 

To sign up for any and all of the mentioned Mission Experiences, click the link below!