The Family

The Family

The Launch

What goes up must come down! There is a similar truth with our teenagers as they strive for independence, yet remain dependent. As parents, we launch teens into experiences expecting them to return home to be (re)launched into new experiences again and again. The teen years are filled with a series of launching our students in new directions of independence and seeing them return more experienced and hopefully wiser. 
The LAUNCH recognizes the unique struggles of adolescents and raising adolescents. It is our goal to help students and parents develop boundaries, set goals, and enjoy the adventure that is life. Our Launch meeting is Sunday, September 24 at 5:54PM. 

The Leap

Few years are as challenging for a family as the senior year. We want to help parents focus on the important stuff in a senior's life and set both parent and student up for some cool moments. In every student event this year, we will ask, "what's extra for seniors?" or "how are we intentionally helping seniors make the Leap into adulthood?". 

Our senior Sunday School class is a co-ed, "next level discussion" type of class. Make sure to sign-up for text service to keep current. Go to The Connect for text info

Passion Conference

The Passion Conference is a college conference open to High School seniors. It is a game changer which challenges our students to think bigger when it comes to their walk with Christ. You can find out more in Sunday School and by checking out their website

The Promise

Teens are known for their passion and we believe their passion is God given for a blessed purpose. Our purity emphasis gives Biblical instruction and guidance to adolescents and parents as they seek to navigate the trials of maturing into God's man or woman.

The teen years help us to develop character traits to bless us with wisdom and security throughout life. The attribute of purity blesses individuals for a lifetime in the area of intimacy and integrity as it helps us develop boundaries which secure peace for us as individuals and as leaders of families.

The Promise is an ongoing conversation with an emphasis in April 2019.