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The Gospel of Matthew

Started March 07

Life Together Part 4

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Life Together: Part 2

Life Together: Part 1

Trusting God In The Valley

Matthew 16:1-28

The Call to Faith

The Word Vs. Words

Jesus is the Great I AM

The Selfless and All-Sufficent King

The Deciding Value of Jesus

Surrounded By Evil and Sustained By Hope

True Faith Perseveres and Produces Fruit

The Danger of Morality

Lessons on Unity, the Unforgivable sin, and the Weight of our Words

Rest, Religiosity, and Rebellion

Every Story Has an Ending

The Blessing of Unmet Expectations

True Faith Cannot Be Faked

The Gospel Comes with a Warning Label

Jesus Sees a World of People Who Can Be Saved

The Object of Your Faith Determines the Outcome of Your Faith

Jesus Reigns and Rules in the Hearts of His Followers

Easter 2021

Freed from Exile through the Forgiveness of Sin

Jesus Can Make The Foulest Clean

Surrender Your All Today

Jesus is Astonishing and Forgiving

Faithful and True | Jesus Begins His Ministry

Faithful and True | The Temptation of Jesus

Faithful & True | The Significance of Baptism

Faithful & True | The Hero of Every Preacher