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Harrisburg Baptist Day School is a wonderful place for children to experience school life. We offer a well-rounded, meaningful curriculum that incorporates academic, social, emotional, creative and spiritual learning. Children engage in age-appropriate activities where they become actively involved in their own learning.

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We integrate motor, social, emotional, language and cognitive development through widely divergent learning experiences. Developmental skills are taught through weekly/monthly thematic units that enhance children’s interest and enthusiasm for learning. The children experience a print rich environment that fosters phonological awareness and is conducive to pre-reading skills. Language development and discovery learning are integrated throughout the school day. Literacy is nurtured through pre-reading skills like “left” to “right”, “top to bottom”, and recognition of letters and sounds. Math skills are taught using a “hands on” approach with manipulatives. Our use of a theme based curriculum, a computer based IXL program and ABC mouse math as well as multi-sensory experiences also allow the Pre-K child to develop concepts and problem solving skills.
We provide ample opportunities to express oneself in a warm and relaxing atmosphere.

Solitary, parallel, and cooperative plays are all very important parts of our program. A child’s play is his work and Harrisburg Day School is a “play to learn” school, in which we play with a purpose.  Classroom centers allow for movement, exploration and integration of content. Children’s curiosity is enhanced when they are involved in their own learning through exploration and experimentation of their environment. Pre-K children bring classroom learning experience to life through unit based field trips for fours and kindergarten.

Opportunities for spiritual growth come from weekly visits to Chapel led by our various pastors, directors, and our praise leader. Weekly Bible verses correlate with the thematic units. Music is integrated daily by our music and classroom teachers. Spiritual and academic growth is enhanced through use of music and movement.  The Day School annually has three music programs presented by children age 2 through kindergarten.

In order for our children to be prepared for Kindergarten, classrooms for ages 3 and 4 year olds use Mississippi Early Learning Standards, which correlates with Common Core State Standards used by many states. We offer a full day Kindergarten or ½ day until 1:00 PM. All children receive instruction and help based on their academic needs in a Christian atmosphere but are guided by Common Core Standards.

Here at HDS, the staff not only teaches the academics your child needs but also emphasizes spiritual and moral growth in a positive way. The staff knows the importance of modeling Christian morals and respect for one another. These, too, are important life skills we want all of our children to learn.

Day School Director: amber sanders -

Dayschool Phone:  662-841-1308

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