the gospel

what is the gospel of Jesus christ?

Is "gospel" a foreign word to you? Or if not, do you only associate it with a style of music? While it is a beautiful style of music, it is so much more than that! The word "gospel" simply means "good news!" The gospel according to the Bible is the good news that Jesus Christ died for your sins. How is someone dying good news?

let's start at the beginning...

God, in his infinite power and wisdom, created everything out of nothing. Everything. And it was all good. Perfect, in fact. He created human beings in his image, gifting them with inherent dignity, worth, and the responsibility to care for
and represent Him on the earth.

Now here's the problem...

The first humans ultimately failed in this responsibility, misrepresenting God in His holiness and goodness by trusting in themselves and choosing to follow their own way instead of trusting in and following God's way. Because they went their own way, sin and death entered an otherwise perfect world. Every human from that point forward (that includes every human who has ever lived) would inherit a sinful nature, or a predisposition to not follow God's way. Our relationship with God is broken, and we are separated from enjoying the life and peace that only exists with Him.

now here's the solution...

The story doesn't end there. God, in his love and mercy, intervened Himself by sending Jesus, His own Son, to take on human form, live a perfect life (the life we should have lived), die a sinner's death (the death we should have died), and rise from the grave to reign forevermore. Jesus only went God's way, and on the cross He took on the punishment we deserve for going our own way.

now here's the best part...

Jesus died so that we can live! That's how someone dying can be good news, but it's also good news because He didn't stay dead. Jesus' resurrection from the dead proves that He's stronger than death and will never fail those who believe in Him. If left to go our own way, we'll just remain in our brokenness, separated from God forever. On the other hand, if we turn from our sin and trust in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus, God forgives us of our sin and gives us eternal life with Him forever!

"For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes"

Romans 1:16

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To receive the eternal life that God provides in the Gospel, we have to confess that we have sinned in going our own way. We have to turn from this sin and trust in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. As the book of Romans assures us, when we confess and believe that Jesus is Lord, then we are saved!

What about you?

Maybe you're still skeptical. That's okay. Maybe you've been hurt by people in the Church. We can talk about that if you want. Or maybe you're ready to believe in Jesus and commit your life to going God's way. Regardless, we invite you to follow the link below to connect with one of our pastors or ministers.
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Rest assured, the Gospel is the driving force of all our ministry efforts. We hope you won't be able to spend more than a few minutes in one of our services or classes before hearing about the good news of Jesus dying for our sins. It's not just that the Gospel saves us, because it also sustains us! It's truly the A to Z of the Christian life. To learn more about what to expect when you visit us, follow the link below.

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